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  • Labor law in general

  • Labor relations and collective bargaining

  • Legal and procedural representation before the Courts

  • Individual and collective claims

  • Labor flexibility measures

  • Labor in the Group of Companies (succession, mergers, and subrogations)

  • wage policy

  • Human resource management

  • Foreign management (CCEE)

  • Regulation of employment

  • Trade union relations consultation


  • Commercial Obligations and Contracts

  • Corporate Law

  • Acquisitions, mergers and corporate spin-offs

  • Competition Law

  • banking law

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • International right


  • Criminal liability of natural and legal persons

  • Criminal liability of minors

  • Civil liability in criminal matters

  • Criminal execution and penitentiary law

  • Criminal Compliance

  • Complaints

  • Counsel at police station

  • illegal arrests

  • domestic violence


  • Litigation

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability

  • Traffic accidents

  • Mortgage clauses

  • Money claims

  • judicial process execution

  • Precautionary measures

  • Monitoring of procedures

  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments and other foreign legal procedures

  • Arbitration and execution of arbitration awards

  • Lease judgments

  • Foreclosures

  • Medical liability

  • Family law processes

  • Procedures related to inheritance

  • Disabilities


  • International Taxation

  • Family business succession planning

  • Tax planning for companies and individuals

  • Telematic notifications service

  • Procedures between the Tax Administration

  • Tax advice to non-profit entities

  • Procedures between Courts and Courts

  • International mobility of workers

  • Workers displaced abroad

  • Taxation in the Law of Sport

Administrative Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Purposes

  • Administrative procedural law


  • Compliance consulting

  • Design of customized programs and manuals of Prevention of Money Laundering, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Code of Ethics

  • Design and advice on Criminal Risk Prevention Programs for legal entities (Criminal Compliance)

  • Training for Staff and Managers

  • Audits by external experts

  • Legal assistance arising from Compliance matters in the Courts or with inspectors carried out by SEPBLAC

property administration

  • Constitution of communities

  • budget planning

  • Drafting of contracts

  • Leasing management and homeowner communities

  • Judicial claims against defaulters

  • Maintenance planning

  • Management of incidents

  • Assistance to the Homeowner Board Association

Sports Law

  • Comprehensive legal support to sports organizations

  • Procedures before international organizations

  • Guidance on international transfer of players

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